Airlogica and Continental Enter Into a BIDT Processing and Analysis Agreement Back

Airlogica announces today that we have entered into an agreement with Continental Airlines to process and audit Continentalís BIDTs from the GDSs using the state-of-the-art auditing tool, Zeus.

Airlogica will reconcile the monthly invoices to the BIDT, provide a complete invoice summary for each GDS, and identify and document any discrepancies.

One of the primary functions of the audit is to assure that the new Full Content agreements are being applied completely and properly. An additional benefit of the Zeus audit is that it reinforces compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley by introducing an independent, third-party audit to the process.

In addition to the invoice verification, Airlogica will provide a series of summary and drill-down detail reports on certain behaviors. In addition, a high level series of MIS reports down to the country level, analyzing year over year trends of costs and unproductive behaviors will be provided.

Airlogica is proud to serve our many airline customers to reduce their distribution costs and to more effectively control their revenue management. Improving the financial performance of an airline has never been more important.

Best Regards,
David Harms
President & CEO

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