Hong Kong Airlines Joins the Airlogica Family of Clients Back

When asked why they adopted Zeus, Michael Kwok, Manager of Reservations Control, said “We needed to get an overall view of our distribution and areas where we could do it better”.

Noting the incredible amount of detail in the BIDT data, Esther Chan, Supervisor Reservations Control, said “I am surprised at how much we can determine about our agencies and their relationships with other agencies.”

Randy Smith of Airlogica noted: “Hong Kong Airlines is our 5th Chinese airline that straddles the reservations worlds of Travelsky within China and the other GDSs outside. As a result Hong Kong Airlines has to be able to balance two different sets of systems and their interaction. Zeus was designed to allow the interface of a Travelsky Host with the other global systems and reveal some interesting critical patterns between the two.”

Hong Kong Airlines joins their partner, Hainan Airlines, an experienced user based in Beijing, as a Zeus customer.

Airlogica is dedicated to serving the international airline industry with an emphasis on global distribution and revenue integrity. With offices in North America, Europe and Australia and clients on 5 continents, Airlogica is well placed to help airlines in all parts of the world.

Improving the financial performance of an airline has never been more important.

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